Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a stunning smile. But coffee consumption, aging, and medications can take their toll on our teeth. Over time, everyone’s smile begins to lose its brilliance.

Fortunately, you can regain that youthful glow with a fast and easy dental treatment. Dr. Todd’s patients are loving their results from their Ultradent whitening experience.

Ultradent offers both take-home and in-office whitening options that both yield outstanding results. The whitening gel contains protective ingredients including potassium nitrate and fluoride, so you can enjoy a comfortable whitening process. This gel is proven to preserve your smile’s strength while giving you that gorgeous white Hollywood grin you’ve always wanted.

How Does At-Home Professional Whitening Work?

First, come see Dr. Todd for a thorough oral exam. If you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening, we will take impressions of your teeth, which we use to fabricate custom whitening trays just for you.

We will provide you with the trays, the powerful formula, and the instructions you need for a flawless application. At home, fill your personalized tray with the gel and wear the trays for the time indicated by Dr. Todd. Results usually become obvious within a week or two.

Is Professional Whitening Really Better than Over-the-Counter Options?

Many patients ask: Why not just buy a whitening toothpaste or kit in store? While these drugstore products will brighten your teeth to some degree, neither the results or experience can be compared to professional whitening. Over-the-counter kits can’t compete with professional whitening because:

  • Over-the-counter gels are weaker and less concentrated than professional formulas
  • Drugstore treatment takes several times longer than professional treatment
  • Over-the-counter trays are not customized to your teeth, reducing your comfort and slowing your results
  • Drugstore treatments can cause sensitivity because they are not personalized to you

Dr. Todd offers the safest and most effective method of brightening your smile. To learn more about whitening, give Butler Smiles Dental Care a call today.

At-Home or In-Office: The Choice is Yours

We offer both in-home and in-office whitening options so that you can decide your preferred method of treatment. Ultradent will lighten your smile several shades, whichever option you choose.

If stained and discolored teeth are dissatisfying to you, come ask us about our convenient whitening treatments. Contact us today at Butler Smiles Dental Care to schedule your consultation.